Idk what to have for dessert do you have any recommendations?

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Are you looking for healthier options, vegan options, or just anything?

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Babe you're absolutely gorgeous. Your eyes are stunning along with your beautiful smile. You are so inspiring and such a great role model. Thank you for answering questions, offering compliments, and taking time out of your day to inspire others to make healthy decisions. You've helped me so much on my journey! Just thought I'd let you know how lovely and appreciated you are :) stay wonderful xx

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Anon, you are so kind, thoughtful, wonderful, and beautiful for sending this lovely message. Not that you weren’t all those things before, but to take the time to type this to me is so considerate and nice of you, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I hope you are having a lovely week and I am wishing you the absolute best! xoxo

You are one of the sweetest and most inspirational people I follow on tumblr - I hope you enjoy your day Christiana :) ps you and your cat are cute lol

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I love you. Seriously, thank you<3 This made my night and I hope you are having a wonderful week :) xoxo

Is honey healthy? I have it everyday in my green tea and Greek yogurt. Is this bad?

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Honey in moderation is not unhealthy. Nothing in moderation is :)

He was cuddling my face :)

A neighborhood walk alone is so soothing and beautiful. It really makes me appreciate all the beauty around me. Just because you are alone does not mean you are lonely.

hi Christiana :) how's your day going? so, i've been working out, eating healthy (with treats in moderation of course!) over a year and i am a vegan. i do a combination of lifting, running, HIIT, pilates and stretching. i've always been naturally skinny with like no muscle, now i gained a bit of muscle but... i feel like i should've made more progress by now? i barely have any visible muscles and little/no definition in my abs /: i'm still going to keep going but i just feel kind of hopeless..

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Hi beautiful<3 You sound like a freaking wonder woman, go you! You are motivating me so much! Don’t fret, sometimes we just have to accept the way our bodies are :) My abs are extremely visible only in the mornings when I don’t have anything in my stomach and if I haven’t had anything for a few hours, but when I eat throughout the day, my stomach fluctuates!

Are you eating foods that may cause you to bloat, like an overabundance of fiber?

Don’t worry love, you sound like you’re doing all the right things! Keep doing you, trust in yourself, and maybe try doing a bit more with the weights :) xx

Hello! :) Do you know of any good shoes for running cross country?

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Brooks shoes are my kind of shoes :)

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