Sorry guys just having a photo-shoot moment because I’m actually not a sweaty mess going to class

College: I’ve been eating well, training hard.

College: I’ve been eating well, training hard.

Hi Christiana, sorry to bother you but i just really need to vent to someone and you always seem really nice. I'm currently injured with strained hip flexor and sacroiliac joint stress reaction. it's been going on for 4 weeks and it's not really improving. i'm beyond devastated because i just got out of my 6 months of injuries in April, and i had many more injuries over the last several years. i was finally doing ok before the new injuries came.. haven't achieved anything this year (cont)

from Anonymous

continued: "and i had to kiss goodbye to my goals for the rest of the year too. i’m so upset because i love running to the point where it becomes the center of my universe. i’m not fast but i put in so much effort to be better, it really breaks my heart that all my hard work doesn’t pay off. i don’t overtrain, i listen to my coach, i’ve been so patient already, always warm up&cool down properly, wear proper running shoes, do stretches-foam rolling-icing etc but i keep getting injured.i had a big fight with my parents last week because i spent so much moneyon physio, sports doc, mri and this isn’t the first time (haven’t spoken to them since). they only make me feel even worse by giving me this speech about how i should just give up on running, it’s not worth it and i’ll never be good enough. i hate myself more than anything right now. i feel so guilty bc i can’t train properly, i’m gaining lots of flat bc i keep binging & can’t do much x-train. i used to trust that everything happens for a reason but i’ve been hurt so much that i’ve lost all my hope. i’ve stopped believing in myself and i’ve lost all my faith in God. this is so unfair and i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve this much of pain. i mean i’m not the kindest person out there but i’m not that bad either.. i can’t really talk about how i feel because none of my family and friends understand/care.. (ps. sorry this ask gets so long!)"

My beautiful and lovely anon, this message breaks my heart because you, or anyone, deserves to feel this. I am going to try my best to break this down for you:

As you said, this is completely unfair and it is EXTREMELY hard to continue believing that things happen for a reason and to keep your faith when all that keeps happening are negative outcomes. You have to trust me on this, you are going to get through this. It may seem hopeless and unfair and terrible and unfortunate, but you have to trust me that you are stronger than all this adversity and you WILL come out of this stronger, better, and wiser.

Although I cannot give you reasons why this may be happening especially with all of the precautions you have taken, I can tell you that maybe a few MONTHS off will do you some good. It will not be easy, trust me, I know. Running takes up a HUGE part of my life, it gives me a purpose, and it makes me feel alive and well. Even when I have had to sit out for a few days I feel devastated and heartbroken. Sometimes the things we love most though are the ones that present us with the hardest obstacles in life. It will test our mental strength, our physical strength, our faith, and our character, but you have to choose to believe that you are going to become stronger from this.

If you love something and have a desire and passion for it, never give it up, no matter who or what tells you otherwise. As far as your parents are concerned, try and see it from their perspective: their beloved child is constantly hurting not only physically, but mentally. If they can see where this source of hurting is coming from, it is only natural for them to tell you to give it up because they want to see you happy.

As far as your eating goes, try and find a balance and make a plan. Although you cannot run, and although you may not be able to do any sort of intense exercise right now, LISTEN to your body. Are you getting enough vitamins and nutrients, etc?

Please, please try and keep the faith. I know this isn’t easy for you and I cannot even imagine what you are going through, but I am PRAYING for you<3

Can everyone please stop for a second and pray for this beautiful soul?

I hope everything works out love <3 I really do. Stay strong. You are going to get through this. x

Long story short I haven't been running since the 7th august when I reached my furthest run of 6.5km in 47mins and I was so happy with my progress (I'm asthmatic and have trouble breathing while running). Today I went on my first run since then and I had to push myself so hard, I managed 5.7km in 42mins and I walked a lot because I feel so unfit. Do you have any advice to help me get my fitness and stamina back because I feel so lazy and useless!! I love you Xx

from Anonymous

Hi babe, listen…be proud of yourself that you worked extremely hard and got out there and did it! You cannot compare your best run to a run that you are just coming back with, because changes occur by the second. If you give your best effort and work through the mental block that starts to form and stay positive, that is something to be incredibly proud of.

If you stay consistent and work on your running every day (with one or two rest days when necessary), your stamina will come back in no time :) x

Does this sound like a well balanced breakfast? 2 medjool dates, 1 banana, spoon of pb and vanilla soy milk? :)

from Anonymous

That sounds DELICIOUS and extremely similar to my favorite breakfasts :) x

Yourrrr taaaaaaan ong :o love ittt wat self tanner dyu use or recommend ?

from Anonymous

I use the beautiful sun :)

Hello lovely! Just wondering, do you have a roommate your dorm? Hope you're doing well!

from Anonymous

Yes love, I do :) Love her! Hope you are doing lovely! x

I had the hardest, most challenging, most mentally testing workout of my life this morning. 17 400s…and I did it. Done. And I love running, because it not only changes what you are physically capable of…it changes much more, mentally. AND LOOK AT OUR RACING SHOES!!! :)

what kind of healthy meals do you suggest bringing for lunch at school that won't hurt my stomach at practice but will also fuel me! what would you bring when you were in highschool? thanks so much! :)

from Anonymous

Hi love :) Usually I would bring anything on the following list:

  • Peanut butter (sometimes with banana or sometimes with jelly) sandwiches, turkey sandwiches with tomato, turkey wraps, chicken wraps with avocado, homemade salads, Greek yogurt, fruit, veggies, hummus, homemade trail mix, dark chocolate, Quest or Lara bars, quinoa salads, etc :) x

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