Hello! Here's my intake for today. Breakfast: Greek yogurt w/ honey & cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, organic granola w/ flaxseed. Lunch: cookie dough quest bar. Snack: Colorado peach. Dinner: thin whole wheat bagel with organic peanut butter, bananas, and honey; cherries and peas. And then after dinner my mom pulled out some French macarons she bought at a bakery and I ate 2 and feel horrible. I also did a really hilly 5k tempo run for xc and now I feel like a ruined all my progress :(

from Anonymous

Love, you are ruining your progress because you aren’t eating ENOUGH. If you are running cross country, you need FUEL. Wait, scratch that…if you are a human being, your body needs more fuel than this.

I ran over 6 miles today and easily must have consumed 3,000 calories. Your intake sounds something like 1,000-2,000 calories, IF that.

Please babe, realize that you need to be eating more. A Quest bar is not lunch. Honestly, it doesn’t even qualify as a “big snack” for someone active.

I want you to thrive and succeed and accomplish your goals. You need your energy and fuel babe. Please, please, be smart. x

hi there ! do you have any nutritional recommendations for morning & evening post-workout meals ? i'm trying to figure out what works best for me but it's not really obvious :/

from Anonymous

Hi love! There are lots of delicious post-workout options, and definitely make sure you are replenishing your carbs, fats, and protein so your muscles can recover!

I usually love a protein shake, chocolate milk, lean proteins like turkey or chicken, nut butters on anything or a sandwich, Greek yogurt, a bowl of oatmeal, etc :) x

i am a runner and people say I'm too tiny and thin and that my body looks like a little kid/boy. how can i fix this?

from Anonymous

Well, let’s see…are you happy with your body? If the answer is yes, that is all that matters. Screw what anyone else says, they are probably jealous of your amazing athletic figure and runner’s build ;) x

What was your earliest run? I always want to run before my 8am class and it takes me about an hour to get ready but I'm scared of running so dark in the am lol do you?

from Anonymous

Hi love! Do what YOU feel comfortable with. I have 7 A.M. practices every morning, but if you don’t feel comfortable running that early, don’t! Make sure you feel good doing it :) x

Hi! I am looking for some new healthy snacks and lunches to bring to school. do you have any ideas on tasty healthy snacks?

from Anonymous

Hi love! Yes!

Some of my favorite snacks include: homemade trail mix, dark chocolate, dried fruit, nut butters on bananas, fruit, vegetables with hummus, smoothies, protein shakes, Quest bars, Clif bars, Lara bars, crackers with nut butters, Greek yogurt, a glass of chocolate milk or almond milk, a bowl of cereal :) x

hi! i'm skinny but my lower belly fat is huge. my problem is that i have to gain weight, so i can't really focus on food. but what kind if exercises can i do? or are there any foods i shouldn't eat because of bloat? i get bloated everytime i eat. when will my metabolism be normal again? is there anything i could do to boost it? (i was anorexic once, maybe still am) thanks hun xx

from Anonymous

Hi love! Make sure you are eating a balanced diet with all of the proper food groups and vitamins :) Weight training is incredible to build muscle and strengthen your body. Even after doing it for a few days, I always feel a difference already.

As long as you are fueling your body correctly and taking care of yourself, your habits will cause your body to follow and you will be rewarded. x

In your about me you should list how tall you are I feel bad for you having to answer that so many times! PSA Christiana is 5'7.5 lol:p

from Anonymous

Hahaha I love you!! Thanks anon :) It isn’t such a hard question to answer so I don’t mind. x

You're so tiny! If I were you I would be eating ice cream every day hahaha don't take this a bad way :)

from Anonymous

I have been eating almost an entire chocolate bar daily…hehehe

How early do you have practice in the morning? :)

from Anonymous

7 A.M. every day :) x

You're so thin.. I'm so jealous.

from Anonymous

There is no reason to be jealous. We are all different and unique and beautiful in our own ways. x

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